Green Eye Institute, PA  


Cataract Implant Surgery
Vision Examinations
Glaucoma Treatment
Laser Surgery
Eyelid Surgery
Full Service Optical Dispensary

General Ophthlamology
The physicians of Green Eye Institute provide surgical correction of cataracts with intraocular lens implants, operations for the control of glaucoma, and corneal diseases, correction of crossed eyes, and tear duct conditions. Laser treatments are used in the management of cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal conditions. Functional and cosmetic eyelid conditions are also surgically treated. Comprehensive vision examinations are also available to monitor ocular health and correct vision disorders.

Care Philosophy
For over 70 years, the Green Eye Institute has provided complete family eye care with a personal touch. Our physicians are committed to the provision of comprehensive, state of the art, total eye care for life.